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Cantilever Umbrella – What’s Up With Them?

Cantilever Umbrella – What’s Up With Them?

Nowadays, one of the coolest new umbrella products is the offset or cantilever umbrella.This is different from others, in spite of a pole in the center, it is held up by a strong pole to the side and a revolving arm that attach to the “skin” of the umbrella.  With the same a person can easily enjoy the complete shaded region of the umbrella. It also allows people to easily rotate the umbrella as the sun moves to keep offering shade without having to move a heavy base.


 A few models of the same also carry a  tilt and lock feature, sense the abilities for offering shade are almost boundless.

It is a must have choice for poolside. A person can also use the same in the water as well.One more advantage of the same is that it can be used to shade a patio table devoid of the requirement  for a hole in the center of the table. Then everyone seated at the table has a clear view of everyone else.

 Factors to consider

 While you are planning to purchases an offset or cantilever umbrella, you must pay attention to below things

Mostly, the manufacturers do not suggest  these large umbrellas (10 ft. – 11ft. diameter) for use where situation tend to be windy. Even though they are usually well constructed, the designs of the same  makes them vulnerable to unsteadiness in high wind.

 It requires heavy bases for enough stability.

The third consideration is price. A good 11ft. Cantilever umbrella can cost three times what a similar size crank and tilt market umbrella costs.