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Here is how you should find the best hardwood floor finishes

Here is how you should find the best hardwood floor finishes

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that hardwood flooring is one of the best kinds that you can get for your home. Almost every homeowner out there loves it, simply because hardwood floors add value to your home with their excellent appearance and performance. However, to keep up with all that, regular maintenance is also required, and the most important aspect of this is their finishing.

The amount of wear that floors go through depends on the frequency of refinishing that they require, and the product used. While there are many hardwood floor finishes to choose from, making the right choice is all there is to having a long lasting floor. Here is a short overview of some of the best options that are there for you.

Polyurethane, water-based

This is the standard of hardwood floor finishes that are used today. The stress on water-based is because it is an eco-friendly option. Polyurethane dries off fast, has a very low odor and is quite easy to apply. However, on the negative side, getting water-based polyurethane will cost more than the oil based alternatives, and will be less durable. These can be a good option for those who are looking to do the work on their own.


Wax is the old-fashioned method of floor finishing, having survived the tests of time since 1970. It is simple to apply, has a very mild odor and does not have too much luster. To avoid darkening the wood, first a base coat of sanding sealer or shellac should be applied to penetrate and seal the wood. However, wax is not as durable and is susceptible to staining, and will require regular up keeping in the form of refinishing.

Acid-Cured Finish (Swedish)

Acid-cured finishing, being extra hard, are a very durable option. Being the toughest of all available hardwood-finishing options, they also cost the highest. While these dry within 2 hours, their high VOC content adds to their extremely volatile odors. This means that after this particular finish, you will have to stay somewhere else for a few days to let the odors clear off.

Penetrating Oil Sealer

For those who are looking to moisture-proof the wood, oil sealers are amongst the best hardwood floor finishes available. Their ingredients are non-toxic, and the odor is very mind. You can apply oil sealers on your own, and these are the best option for homes that have antique floorings.

These are but just a few of the finishes that are available- remember, before choosing any hardwood flooring finish, try to know as much as possible about it as well as the alternatives!

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