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Roman shades for your window

Roman shades for your window

The interior of the house speaks volumes about the owners’ personality. Hence we often end up spending a great deal of money on the interior decorations. By the time we are done with the furniture and other accessories, we have drained out all our money and start facing severe budget constraints, which leaves us with little options to explore for the blinds. A very good substitute to blinds or curtains are roman shades.

Roman shades are nothing but a piece of fabric installed at the top of your window. The fabric is pleated such that it folds up in intervals when the string is pulled. It can be made at home, however, that might require a bit of mathematical exercise, expertise in sewing, correct measurement, and some basic tools to carry out the project. It uses less fabric than any of its counterpart and hence is a cheaper alternative. Roman shades beat an ordinary looking plastic shade any day.

They come in a variety of styles such as a typical shade will have overlapping folds where as a flat shade won’t have any folds when the string is pulled down. A double shade will have extra fabric underneath to soften the bright sunlight pouring in. Insulated shades have the fabric containing insulating properties. The fabric used for these shades makes them stand out.

You can further beautify the shades by adorning them with wall hangings, paper work etc. you can also try to frame the shades. Roman shades are available in a wide range of designs and patterns online. You can also ask your interior designer to make a customised one for you.

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