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Decorate your princess room with pink rug

Decorate your princess room with pink rug

Rugs are used to decorate any type of room in a beautiful manner. It helps in making floor non sticky and providing a comfortable ans safe area to walk and to play for the kids. These rugs are available ion various colors , material and designs. If you are planning to decorate your baby girl or a teenager bedroom with pink color theme a pink rugs will complete the look perfectly.

Pink is a distinctive color and can be combined or contrast with different shades to improve the aesthetic look of the room. These rugs are available in different sizes but you can get it customized as per your requirement and area where you want to keep it. The price will be slightly higher if you opt for a customized rug. There are various methods by which rugs are made, some are hand made which are unique and high in price, some are factory made by the machines which are easily available in the market in bulk.

The rugs are available in different styles, some have fringes where some have no fringes. You need to first understand the importance of the fringes and its usages. The fringes helps in fraying of the rug sides. It is dependent on the personal choice only are there are no particular guidelines for fringes .Usually fringed rugs are available at higher prices in the market so if you have a tight budget, you can opt for a pink rugs without fringes.

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