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Design your home with burlap curtains

Design your home with burlap curtains

How to make curtains using burlap is almost certainly the  simplest and affordable way to decorate  your home, especially if  your house has many windows.  For large homes who have many windows, purchasing curtains for each will be costlier, so a burlap curtain will be a good choice in such cases.

You can easily decorate your home with the help of burlap curtains. You can easily style them in your own way to get the desired look. It will be one f the cheapest ways to decorate your beloved home. With burlap and some few designing ideas, you can easily make them the best piece for your house. A little creativity is needed.  Whip up burlap curtains. You can turn rural and delectably inexpensive burlap into a pair of chic curtains by just ironing in hems with fusible tape. Pop-in grommets  that are available at most well-stocked fabric stores on top create a complete look that takes the look a step further than basic.

For this, you don’t require a curtain rod to hang these no-sew burlap curtains; just a few nails or pegs. To create these rustic-looking curtains, you’ll require attaching a dark strip of burlap to a large pale burlap panel with sewn Witchery. Then add curtain clips, and hang from each peg, nails, or a curtain rod. Tie back the curtain with a big side of dark burlap,  and make sure to tie it in a big and correct way.

 With this small effort, you will have the best and beautiful curtains for your house at affordable price