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Designs for double sink vanity

Designs for double sink vanity

Double sink vanity is definitely double in size thank an ordinary sink vanity. It can be kept in your bathroom when there is enough space for a proper big sink vanity and it does not become congested at all. There can be a lot of different ideas for the sink vanities for your bathroom. Mostly people like to hang a big sized mirror on the back wall of the sink vanity. In case of a double sink vanity, you can either hang one big sized mirror or two average sized mirrors separately; it depends on your choice.

The color of your sink vanity should obviously be in accordance with the color combination of the tiles in the bathroom and other things. The mostly commonly liked colors include White, Black, Brown and Blue; however, there can be a lot more colors as well. Since there are a number of drawers and cabinets in a double sink vanity, so the designs of their handles are also important to be considered and they should be chosen carefully. The handles must be decent enough and they should not give a very prominent look.

The material used for making a double sink vanity is mostly wood. So the design of the sink vanity can also be varied by changing the type of wood and its paint, varnish, etc. Sometimes there can also be a rack on the lower side of your vanity sink, instead of the cabinets; all depends upon your choice.

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