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The funky furniture designs, looks marvelous

The funky furniture designs, looks marvelous

The furniture, an important part of a house. We spend a third of our life on sitting them. Hoe much we think about its designs? If you are crazy about home decoration, give a funky look to your furniture. That contains a huge area of your house. It gives a classy look to your home.

A bed is the heart of a room. Then why not make it the centre point of attraction in the room. We sit on chairs for a long time in a day. We drag them in office, room, hall, garden etc. If it gives a marvelous look how good is it.

Here we are presenting some interesting tips to give funky look to the furniture-

  • Furniture in the kitchen- You can give your kitchen a funky look with colorful furniture. If you make your kitchen furniture in kitchen accessories shape it gives a super look. Make your stool in cooker shape.
  • Furniture in the bedroom- The bedroom is the most important part of a house. We can give it a sensational look with some funky furniture. A bed is the centre point of a room. If you love nature, you can give a forest look to decorate your furniture in the bedroom.
  • Furniture in kid’s room- Kids like colors. The colors are an important part to give a funky look. Kids like cartoons very much. You can buy their wardrobe in cartoon shape. They like car toys a lot. You can make their bed in this shape.