Thursday , March 29 2018
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Time to find a place for your books: book storage

Time to find a place for your books: book storage

We all have had that situation when we need to box up some of our favorite volumes and stick them in storage or to do something to create enough space in our study for them. So to impress guest display your favorite volumes in your study or in your living room using these new generation book storage.

Whether you are a student, an academician or just a book lover, if you are of the view that well- loved books make the best decoration in your home, it is the time to buy a bookshelf. A beautiful and innovative book shelf not just adds on to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also gives a clutter free look.

There are many types of bookcases available in today’s vast market. The buyer should consider the requirements, available space and capacity before choosing one for his/her home. Book shelves can be broadly categorized in two categories wooden bookshelves and built-in shelves. Wooden bookshelves are of five types wall mounted, floating, barrister, a ladder which leans against the wall and corner bookshelves.

Built-in book shelves are more of an interior decoration piece. They are quite attractive when placed on the sides of the fireplace or the television. This can be used for storing other things like toys or decorative pieces apart from books. As different people have different choices, these may not be liked by everyone. Hence, it won’t give any value addition to your house when you are trying to sell it.

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