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What are the advantages of round dining tables?

What are the advantages of round dining tables?

Dining tables come in normally three shapes. Rectangular, square or round. A square table is used normally when there are either 2, 4 or 8 persons who sit at the table. Each person is equidistant from the next. This makes the group eating at the table very relaxed and in a comfortable environment. Incase more people need to sit at the table, then two or more square tables can be joined together to create a rectangular dining table.

The disadvantage in this sort is that the table shouldn’t be such that it overpowers the room and takes up most of the space, nor should it be so small that the room looks empty. Also, the people sitting near the wall are normally inconvenienced as they have problems in moving in or out of their place as well as they feel crowded due to the proximity of the wall.

Round dining tables on the other hand are perfectly suited to small dining rooms and dining areas. There is no head of the table and the environment created is friendly and warm. As round dining tables do not have sharp edges, they are child friendly. These tables can also double up for playing various types of board games and cards. Round dining tables now come with leaf. In case there are more people than expected, the leaves can be pulled out and thus more people can be accommodated on the table. However, one needs to check that the table is not prone to tipping over.

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