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Why should we use wall to wall carpets?

Why should we use wall to wall carpets?

Wall to wall carpets:

There are several benefits to using a wall to wall carpet at your living space. Carpets bring about a completely different ambience to your room. It can make an otherwise dull room, very cheerful. The color and style of the carpets can literally recreate your room to a blissful haven. It is in fact a sense of luxury, it can provide a neutral foundation with vibrant, bold textures and designs. It may not be possible for all of us to live in newly constructed houses. Sometimes we may purchase a property or accommodation that already has well built wooden or ceramic tiled floors and it will become a hassle to demolish and recreate the existing floor plan. So when you are not pleased with material of such floors, the best bet is to cover them with your favorite colored carpets. This is also the cheaper option than to get everything redone. Wall to wall carpets can also cover imperfection from your floor such as scratches and pores. Carpets are a quick, cheap fix to cover marks from pet paws and over enthusiastic kids. Carpets also help to make sure dust from outside is insulated from other areas of the house with designer flooring. Carpets can be used to wipe off the dust from guest’s feet before they enter the other regions of the house

Pros of using a wall to wall carpet:

  1. Protection from cold: Carpets are the best insulators and protects from extreme cold and heat. Therefore wall to wall carpets can surely lower your energy bill. Carpeting provides a cushioned surface and keeps the flooring soft.
  2. Safety: It can reduce slips and will help in minimizing injuries and especially for toddlers and elderly people.
  3. Noise Reduction: TV’s, computers and music systems usually make our houses very noisy. Wall to wall carpeting helps in absorbing the noise vibrations and acts as a protection obstacle by reducing transmissions to rooms that are in lower level.
  4. Maintenance: Vacuuming and cleanings are easily done and most stains from carpets can be removed in a second’s notice.

Things to take care of while using wall to wall carpets:

Most carpets these days are made with synthetic materials and this causes them to contain toxic chemicals. This is the reason for the weird smell that emanates when entering a carpet store. The smell comes from the stain proofs and fire resistance coating. Also some people are allergic to the fur and hair that is present on carpets. Special care should be taken under such circumstances to avoid health problems.