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Why should you get a professional for hardwood flooring refinishing?

Why should you get a professional for hardwood flooring refinishing?

Refinishing, and why your hardwood floors need it?

Hardwood floors are no doubt the right mixture of durability and beauty, something that you can pair with any home décor and design. One big reason as to why people go in for these floors is that in case there is any scuffing, or significant wear and tear to the floors, then there is no need for replacement- in fact, most such situations can be taken care of by a hardwood flooring refinishing  procedure- something that is not overly complex or expensive.

Can you do it yourself?

Often, people take the whole process to lightly- assuming it so simple that they turn it into a DIY or Do-It-Yourself project. However- there is a simple reason as to why you should probably avoid it, especially if you are not a professional yourself- in any floor refinishing, regardless of the kind of floor, the experience counts. Any mistake that you make will be highly prominent on the wood floor- and instead of making your floor better, your hardwood flooring refinishing attempt may end up worsening your home’s appearance.

What will hiring a pro help you achieve?

A professional refinisher takes anywhere between 2 to 5 days for completing your job if it is a simple one, and over 2 weeks for a job that includes custom finishes and stains. When you hire a professional, then he will do either of the following two things for your floor:

Sanding and finishing
The contractor sands down your floors to bare wood, and then goes ahead to apply the stain along with 2 or 3 coats of finish. The costs for this run anywhere between $1.50 to $4 for every sq.ft., varying with the required repairs and staining, if needed.

Rebuff the finish
All wood floors come with a cover of a clear protective coat. With time, the topcoat is scuffed, while the underlying wooden flooring remains unharmed. In such a case, the refinisher uses a buffing tool with grits for restoring the lost luster on the topcoat of your floor. This entire process, known as screening, will cost you around $1 to $2 for every sq.ft. In cases where you may have used oil soap or waxed the floor for cleaning, then the process gets a little more complicated.

If you feel confident enough to proceed with any of the above options (keeping in mind the one that you require) on your own, without any faults or mistakes- then you may just be the refinisher yourself and go ahead with it. Else hiring a professional refinisher is something that you need to do today!

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